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The Buddha and his teachings provides a good source of information for those who wish to understand the life of the Buddha and his fundamental teachings.

The Book was first published in 1942. The present edition has been revised and expanded. Though primarily intended for the studens and beginners rather than scholars, the read will find it an extremely valuable handbook, offering a sound foundation to the basic tenets of Buddhism as found in its original Pali tradition.

Besides providing a comprehensive account of the Life of the Buddha and His chief disciples, the moral and ethical code of conduct, culminating in the Ten Perfections, a considerable portion of the book deals with current issues in Buddhist studies regard KARMA, REBIRTH and NIBANNA. It also includes an intraoduction to Buddhist Meditation with particular reference to the practice of the Four Sublime Stats (or Brahma Viharas) namly METTA (loving-kindness), KARUNA (Compassion), MUDITA (Sympathetic Joy), and UPEKKHA (Squanimity).

The Author, the Venerable Narada Maha Thera is a wellknown Buddhist MIssionary from Sri Lanka. He is alse the author of many other Buddhist publications - well-used among students of Buddhism. We are grateful to him for his kind permission, enabling this reprint to be effected in Malaysia.